This is my personal biography. I want you know deeply my kind of thinking, my tastes and illusions...

My name is Ayelen and I was born in the city of Buenos Aires. Two years after I moved to the La Tablada, where I spent my childhood up to 10 years with my grandparents and my uncles. Then I moved to Castelar, where I studied primary and secondary school. I loved going out with my friends, we played much the bowling and pool, and when it was later we were going to dance or drink until Ramos Mejía.

At age 18, I decided to go to live alone in Buenos Aires (capital). I started working as a stripper during a year and half, where I volqué to compete in aerobic and apparatus that is what I like to do. I continued thus until some time ago I met the world of the Internet and I found something that I really like.

Personally, my life is very quiet, during the week I'm in my apartment all day and try to be with my family on weekends. I also walk shopping malls, and at night go out to dinner or dance by Recoleta or Costanera Norte.

Friends? If I have a few but the best. Those people who one knows that in the worst moments always are, that you can count on them without having to say a Word. This is something that when choosing them have no price.I am very loyal and very jealous of all those people who I want to. I am also to be in couple, I am much to who I want to.

Try to take care of myself much at meals, do many gymnastics, seems to be well and take care of it more important to feel good about yourself. Today I decided to tip me over to custom training my body. Getting this way also in the future to the competition in the world of fitness. Es lo que mas amo from very girl and what has brought me to the day the greatest satisfactions in my life.

In the Department I like to have everything orderly and impeccable. Everything has to be perfect, so so be comfortable with myself but also any person who comes to share a little bit of me and this small place so special.

I try to be spiritually and make you feel comfortable to the person who is beside me. I also like to be well treated, and maintained a cordial dialogue to express what to my I like.

As tastes, I choose to go shopping, read a lot, going to the cinema with friends in the spare time, see something television and be well informed in fashion and in national and international news. On weekends I don't lose the roast at home and watching a soccer match on television 

I've learned above all things that have to fight for everything that you have and want to, both affectionately and materially, and share it with those who have least or one loves. And thank you God for giving us every day, must never forget that should be given to then receive. Do not drop or surrender to any circumstance of life. You have and desire dreams, set goals and be happy is the greatest meaning to life itself.

I hope that in this way I can know a little better. Desire in this way to make new friends to meet each other. I want to meet all your expectations, to meet you, share the best moments, your concerns, ideas and wishes.



Now I invite you to se my pics, videos, and that you write me
and know me like as never before...
Kisses, Ayelén.





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